Welcome to episode 14 yadies and yentlemen with our first guest co-host Christian
He came thru in the clutchington when Kelly couldn't make it so you know this episode is bassically the episode about nothing

We tried to stay hip-hop but went off on another of our patiented tangents and talked entirely too much
We speak on his favorite rapper DMX, local artists getting no love. Usher and the herps.
Bobby Scmurda, snitching accidentally in raps. Final Fanytasy Football (seriously though, email us if you wanna join. Free entry plus a prize for 1st place, let's have fun) the woes of the NY Giants
A LOT of fat was trimmed from this episode.

K.Dot vs Drizzy (Hard Tracks ONLY): https://t.co/Ct6FdMQJJW
Whitney Day (RIP Queen):https://t.co/XWilfqN2Og
Ape Don't Kill Ape (A Sean Price Playlist, RIP): https://t.co/EhLHnSibaf

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